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OperAmica Incoming is a tour operator that was born in 2006 after an exciting experience in the tourist promotion of Basilicata, a region that is sometimes unknown, but which amazes the visitor with its surprising beauty. Cities, landscapes and routes will be the backdrop to the journey of those who want to be seduced by this land, of those who, curious travellers, want to convey with careful descriptions, and through their memory, what makes it worth traveling to Basilicata for.

We have always wanted our travel solutions to be curated in agreement with the most attentive operators and local interlocutors with an in-depth knowledge of places and services, the choice to pursue continuous improvement is in fact for OperAmica the indispensable element of every initiative. But what is most important and most passionate is welcoming and serving the guest; meet that demand that every traveler has to be loved.

° Travel

The best solutions for all-inclusive organized trips, customization of the offer and consultancy for the creation of "on demand" packages from the duration, to the places of visit.

° Expert

Collaboration with the best local correspondents and experts for each region, guides in Italian and in foreign language, selection of the best hotels and restaurants.

° Transfer

Transfers and movements with the latest generation vehicles: Mini bus . Minivans, cars, secretarial and hostess service for corporate incentives.

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Mar 15, 2023

Discover Lucanian Dolomites Grancìa-Park Tricarico Pisticci

Una Storia Bandita. It is a Basilicata 3 day tour package. Itinerary is: Lucanian Dolomites, Grancìa Park, Tricarico, Pisticci, Matera.

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Mar 15, 2023

Walking in Melfi Matera Venosa Acerenza Ripacandida

Terre Federiciane e Sassi. It is a Basilicata 4 day tour package. Itinerary is: Melfi, Matera, Venosa, Acerenza, Ripacandida.

Mar 15, 2023

Walking in Tricarico Miglionico Matera Pisticci

Castelli Sassi e Cattedrali. It is a Basilicata 3 day tour package. Itinerary is: Tricarico, Miglionico, Matera, Pisticci.

Mar 15, 2023

Walking in Tricarico Irsina Miglionico Pisticci

Andar per Arte e Storia. It is a Basilicata 3 day tour package. Itinerary is: Tricarico, Irsina, Miglionico, Pisticci itinerary.

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